An old favorite

Visiting abandoned buildings is something I used to do a lot, but haven’t done in years. Revisiting an old favorite for the third time (Chateau MirandaWinter Camping) was an absolute treat. It was so nice to walk around this beauty, even though it’s state of decay is getting worse over the years. Especially the balustrades that made it’s staircase so special, have completely fallen to pieces.

It felt like a homecoming to walk around here again, and feeling so familiar, after so long. Maybe it’s time to start doing this again. I guess I once stopped visiting abandoned places because I thought I had already seen the most beautiful place I would ever see (this gorgeous thing, in my memory the amazing), and that every other place would not live up to it. But I have been missing the feeling you get when walking around an area you are not really meant to be, and where you can only imagine the history of the place before it was left to be forgotten. And apparently, I still enjoy taking photographs of these places, even if its a place I have seen often before. So let’s see if I pick up this old hobby of mine again in the new year :).

An old favorite

FujiChrome Provia 400, Pentacon six TL.
Belgium, November 2015.

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