Winter Camping

Seems an appropriate time to post last years winter camping adventure now, when once again outside is completely covered in a beautiful fresh layer of snow. A little more than a year ago I was convinced to go camping in the midst of winter. Ive never really gone on winter holidays, except maybe one day of snowboarding in Scotland when I was there on a visit, a few years ago. So going camping, in a tent (!!!), seemed like a huge step for a winter-rookie like myself. But imagining a nice campfire in our private little station square, a stiff drink to keep you warm, the beautiful ardennes covered in a think soft white blanket, and it only being for one night, i thought: what the hell, lets give this a shot!

So when we left Amsterdam, I recall it not even snowing. But driving southwards and getting into Belgium, we soon entered a winter wonderland. Getting off the freeway and driving through the curvy and hilly village roads in the ardennes, we soon realized this was too much snow the car could handle. Luckily Martijn brought winter chaines for the front tires, otherwise we would have been stuck without even arriving at our destination for the night. So after some fidgeting around in the freezing cold, and thanks to my handiness getting those chaines attached (hehehee), we managed to get back on the move.

Once arrived close to our destination, we gave a quick visit to the beautiful chateau Miranda. We were spotted so quickly though, that i didn’t even get a chance to photograph that beauty in the snow…. We did have a nice walk through the forrest surrounding the castle though.

The night falling so fast and darkness surrounding us so soon, made us head to our private little abandoned station to set up out beds for the night, and get the campfire to burn brightly for warmth and the usual thing you do in the midst of winter: a barbeque!! We had an excellent night, and because of the fire and booze, i wasnet even that cold. I tried some long exposure night time images with the trusty old Pentacon and this is what came out:

When it was time to go to bed, I must say I was quite surprised by the funny feeling of sleeping on such a thick layer of snow. My air-mat and sleeping bag made an imprint in the snow that made a think and soft mattress like feeling. I was quite comfortable actually! And wearing two pairs of leggings and skying socks, kept me pretty warm. The only thing that was a bit annoying was, really really really not wanting to leave the tent for an early morning pee….. I stalled this excursion for as long as I possibly could without actually momentarily warming myself up by wetting myself. After going the deed and getting back into my warm sleeping bag, I think I’ve never felt such relief…

After getting up and packing up, we made lovely long hike in the surrounding nature before heading back to our warm and comfy homes. What a great winter trip this was!! We are going again soon. I hope we shall meet the same great winter conditions we encountered last years. Tata!

December 2010.


    1. Cheers bro! It’s how I remember it. Looking forward to new memories going to be made soon!

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