Temporary switch to digital?

So, the day has come, and I never thought it would happen. But I’ve bought a digital camera. A Sony A6000 and I’m very happy with it! I believe I have a good reason to have made the switch also.

Sony A6000 digital camera. New camera instead of Pentacon six TL analog camera.

The reason I have made this purchase is because I have quit my job and rented out my house in Amsterdam (already in November 2019). My boyfriend Martijn and I have moved into our self converted Mercedes Sprinter campervan and are travelling Europe to all the climbing destinations that tickle our interest. The goal, to travel for at least a year and maybe longer, has already been completed. We are still on the road and life is good!

You can follow our travel adventures on our BlueSteelTravels website. Although the website is written in Dutch, there is a Google Translate button on all post pages!

Homepage of www.bluesteeltravels.com

Living in a Van for so long and shooting in analog would make life very complicated. Where to store all your film, where to develop, etc. So for the purpose of this trip I’ve bought my first decent digital camera! Although it doesn’t spark the same joy as analog does, it is pretty damn handy. And takes very good pictures too!

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