Sleeping with Lenin…

Military Base in Germany somewhere.
This is my second ever Urbex hotel; sleeping at an abandoned location…
We arrived here by car in the middle of the night and set up camp on the terrace of one of these buildings. It wasn’t very cold so all we had to lay out were sleeping bags and we could sleep underneath the moonlit sky.
Before we went to sleep we walked around the area and in the middle of some bushes we saw this giant statue of Lenin which had red sprayed eyes, thus quite the evil look…. We heard these slammin’ doors we thought, a loud bang once every half an hour or so. But it wasn’t that windy… This freaked us out a little. We never really found out what that sound was, but we don’t think it could have been the wind.

The next morning we woke up by the rising sun, that was really nice. This was also the very first morning of our 4 day weekend trip in Germany. Starting it off with a sunny day, well you just can’t wish for anything better.
We had some coffee and started looking around and taking pictures. Then at some point one of us bumped into a security guard doing his round. We sent some text (seen as all four of us had spread out over the area), met back at our little base, packed up and made ready for the final exit sprint! The last 20 meters we had a car behind us trying to chase us out. But we managed to climb the fence in time, jump into the car and drive away…. Phew

Months later I had a nightmare about this night. We got caught on the terrain and were wearing bulletproof vsts. Then we escaped and we were chased out of this military base by an army tank. Mad scary!

Pentacon six TL, FujiChrome Provia 400

Pentacon six TL, FujiChrome Provia 400

Pentacon six TL, FujiChrome Provia 400

Germany, August 2008.

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