Leading Women | Mujeres líderesas

In honour of International Women’s Day on March 8th 2021, the Minerva Project of Casa Migrante is organizing an international Zoom meeting on Sunday March 7th, as well as an (online) exhibition themed: Leading Women: for an equal future in the world of Covid-19. I am proud and honoured to be asked to participate!

“Mujeres líderesas: por un futuro igualitario en el mundo de la Covid-19”

Leading Women | Mujeres líderesas

  1. Margriet | El Chorro, Spain | 2019 | digital
  2. Stefanie & Johannes | Leonidio, Greece | 2020 | digital
  3. Claire | Berdorf, Luxembourg | 2018 | analog

A series of photographs about climbing. A unique sport where the difference between the performance of men and women is small, and keeps getting smaller.

In this series of photographs you see three women who are lead climbing. When you lead climb, you climb out in front of your rope and your climbing partner. As a leader you look for the best and easiest way to get to the top of the cliff. This requires strength, endurance, insight and courage. Every few meters you will find a bolt drilled into the rock face to which you attach your own protection. If you don’t make it to the next bolt, you will make a fall. Secured by your climbing partner and tied in to a rope to avoid hitting the ground during a fall, you only hold on to the rock to get to the top.

Serie de fotografías sobre la escalada. Un deporte único donde la diferencia de rendimiento entre hombres y mujeres es pequeña, una diferencia que sigue siendo cada vez menor.

En ésta serie de fotografías se ve a tres mujeres escalando de primera, también conocida como escalada lead. Cuando escalas de primero, subes a la roca delante de tu cuerda y de tu compañero de escalada. Como líder, buscas la mejor y más fácil manera de llegar a la cima del acantilado. Esto requiere fuerza, resistencia, perspicacia y coraje. Cada pocos metros encuentras un gancho perforado en la pared de la roca, una chapa, a la que tienes que enganchar tu propio equipo de sujeción. Si no llegas a la siguiente chapa, caerás. Asegurada por tu compañero de escalada y atada a una cuerda para evitar caer al suelo, solamente te sostienes a la roca para poder llegar a la cima.

Casa Migrante is an organisation that aids Hispanic immigrants in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In 2017, Casa Migrante launched the Minerva Project, which is aimed to improve the emancipation of migrant women.

Magic Hour


A dear friend of mine, Isa Defesche (who is also a great Graphic Designer who makes beautiful sweaters), notified me of this Open Call to Submit on Booooooom platform for a new Photo Book they will be printing called “Magic Hour”. I decided to submit! It’s been a while since I have submitted any of my work so this is very exciting. Bellow you can find my entries.

“Magic Hour” is that period after sunrise or before sunset where the light is soft and has a warmer color temperature than usual (another name for it is “golden hour”).

My submissions

Temporary switch to digital?

So, the day has come, and I never thought it would happen. But I’ve bought a digital camera. A Sony A6000 and I’m very happy with it! I believe I have a good reason to have made the switch also.

Sony A6000 digital camera. New camera instead of Pentacon six TL analog camera.

The reason I have made this purchase is because I have quit my job and rented out my house in Amsterdam (already in November 2019). My boyfriend Martijn and I have moved into our self converted Mercedes Sprinter campervan and are travelling Europe to all the climbing destinations that tickle our interest. The goal, to travel for at least a year and maybe longer, has already been completed. We are still on the road and life is good!

You can follow our travel adventures on our BlueSteelTravels website. Although the website is written in Dutch, there is a Google Translate button on all post pages!

Homepage of www.bluesteeltravels.com

Living in a Van for so long and shooting in analog would make life very complicated. Where to store all your film, where to develop, etc. So for the purpose of this trip I’ve bought my first decent digital camera! Although it doesn’t spark the same joy as analog does, it is pretty damn handy. And takes very good pictures too!